January 25, 2013


Interior tips by Nate Berkus

How to Make Your Room Look Its Best according to Nate Berkus
  • Your home is an expression of you. Before you buy one more thing for your home, stop and think about what really makes you happy.
  • Hang something other than artwork on your walls, like antique objects or your favorite collectibles.
  • Frame meaningful notes to hang on your walls or to put on end tables or bookshelves.
  • Bookcases aren't just for books anymore: Mix souvenirs from vacations in with your books.
  • Put books on display that spark your interest.
  • Replace harsh overhead lighting with a few cool lamps.
  • For a sophisticated look for not a lot of money, include one piece of sea life, like a starfish or some coral.
  • One odd, unmatched chair that you love can add extra charm to a room.

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