October 16, 2012


As our daugther is in the pink phase (everything has to be pink) her 4th birthday party was a pink fairy party. It was the first time she had a real party without all the parents also being invited. So you can imagine all the excitement. We made fairy wing invitations and asked all the girls to come in a pink t-shirt and legging.

The dining room was transformed into a fairytale pink room. We lowered the table so all the fairies could sit on the floor to eat their princess cupcakes. I bought pink fabric and asked my mother to make 9 simple fairy skirts which we laid out on the cushions for each fairy.

The first thing fairies need are wings. We prepared the wings in advance (pink painted carton) and at the party the girls could decorate them with glitter glue, stickers, balls and feathers. We attached two elastic bands on the wings so they could wear them. In the photo you can see the girls in action, very concentrated to make the wings as pretty as possible. Of course a fairy is lost without a magic wand. We therefor made wands of a bamboo stick with a pink painted polystyrene star which were also decorated with diamond stickers.

DIY toverstaf

Now that the outfits of the fairies were complete. The girls all decorated fairy wing cookies with pink icing and sweets. 

The fairies had a magic day, and like all fairy tales this one also came to a happy end.

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