September 19, 2012


Sage plant
Crispy sage
Crispy sage pasta
Crispy sage pasta and lemon recipe
This is a pasta we often make! We have a sage plant in the herb garden, which seems to withstand all weather. Even the very cold winter days it survives. So during a great part of the year we have fresh sage in the garden. We nearly always have pasta, lemon and some Parmesan cheese at home, so it is always an easy and nice dish if we don't want to go grocery shopping. 
Cook the pasta (in the photo we used spinach and ricotta stuffed raviolis, but it can be any kind). Bake the sage in some butter and as soon as they turn brown (on the edges) put them on a plate to cool and turn crispy. After draining the pasta throw it in the pan you used for the sage to cover it lightly in the sage butter, add some fresh lemon juice and salt and if the pasta is a bit dry some olive oil. Just before serving you can add some fresh black pepper, the crispy sage and grated Parmesan: enjoy!

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